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Pike-WAIS Dictionary of Idioms (Pweedy)

Below you'll find a list of idioms/expressions in multiple languages along with synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, etc. You can search, select by category or sort by any column.

WAIS Members can also  edit and submit new entries. 

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Idiom Language Category
Acabar com alguém Portuguese Humiliation
Avoir l’oreille basse French Humiliation
Battre quelqu’un en chair à pâté French Humiliation
Cortar as asas de alguém Portuguese Humiliation
De chanson French Humiliation
Decir a uno lo que vale un peine Spanish Humiliation
Den Tonfall ändern German Humiliation
Devoir changer de gamme French Humiliation
Devoir en rabattre French Humiliation
En faire de la chair à pâté French Humiliation
Fare una polpetta di qualcuno Italian Humiliation
Fazer picadinho de alguém Portuguese Humiliation
Hacer pule de alguien Spanish Humiliation
Hacher quelqu’un menu comme chair à pâté French Humiliation
Hackfleisch aus jemandem machen Portuguese Humiliation
Jemandem die Flügeln stutzen German Humiliation
Legare le mani a qualcuno Italian Humiliation
Llevarse un corte Spanish Humiliation
Machacar a alguien Spanish Humiliation
Mettere qualcuno al suo posto Italian Humiliation
Mettre plus bas que terre French Humiliation
Perder a moral French Humiliation
Perdere Italian Humiliation
Perdre la face French Humiliation
Rabattre le caquet à quelqu’un French Humiliation