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Pike-WAIS Dictionary of Idioms (Pweedy)

Below you'll find a list of idioms/expressions in multiple languages along with synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, etc. You can search, select by category or sort by any column.

WAIS Members can also  edit and submit new entries. 

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Idiom Language Category
¡ánimo! Spanish Encouragement
¡hala! Spanish Encouragement
Abrir as portas a uno Portuguese Encouragement
Abrir as portas para alguém Portuguese Encouragement
Abrir el camino a uno Spanish Encouragement
Abrir o caminho para alguém Portuguese Encouragement
Abrir o camino a uno Portuguese Encouragement
Bis zum Hals in Schulden stecken German Encouragement
Ca te (vous) passera French Encouragement
Ça te (vous) remontera le moral French Encouragement
Ça te donnera du cœur au ventre French Encouragement
Cela vous passera French Encouragement
Cheer up! English Encouragement
Coragem! Portuguese Encouragement
Darlo en bandeja (de plata) a uno Spanish Encouragement
Das wird dich aufmuntern! German Encouragement
Don’t take it so much to heart! English Encouragement
Du wirdst darüber hinwegkommen German Encouragement
Esto te alegrará Spanish Encouragement
Fati strada ! Italian Encouragement
Frayer le chemin à quelqu’un French Encouragement
Für jemanden etwas in Bewegung setzen German Encouragement
Hauts les cœurs ! French Encouragement
Isso passa Portuguese Encouragement
Isso vai fazer você se sentir melhor Portuguese Encouragement