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Pike-WAIS Dictionary of Idioms (Pweedy)

Below you'll find a list of idioms/expressions in multiple languages along with synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, etc. You can search, select by category or sort by any column.

WAIS Members can also  edit and submit new entries. 

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Idiom Language Category
A bomb English Failure
Acabar mal Spanish Failure
Acabar sem nada Portuguese Failure
Andare a vuoto Italian Failure
Cargar un examen Spanish Failure
Durch ein Examen durchfallen German Failure
Essere bocciato in esame Italian Failure
Estar ponchado en un examen Spanish Failure
Être collé French Failure
Être recalé French Failure
Être refusé à un examen French Failure
Faire chou blanc French Failure
Finir dans les choux French Failure
Go belly up English Failure
In einer Sackgasse sein German Failure
La bomba Spanish Failure
La función fue un bodrio Spanish Failure
La pièce a fait un four French Failure
Llegar a una calle sin salida Spanish Failure
Llevar calabazas en un examen Spanish Failure
Lo spettacolo è stato un fiasco Italian Failure
Morirse, terminarse, palmarla, espicharla Spanish Failure
O show foi um fracasso Portuguese Failure
Quedarse a la luna de Valencia Spanish Failure
quedarse con el dia y la noche Spanish Failure