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Post A Mugging in Miami
Created by John Eipper on 04/02/23 8:23 AM

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A Mugging in Miami (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA, 04/02/23 8:23 am)

My best wishes to David Duggan and prayers for a peaceful resolution of the mugging he received on the CTA.

I was once mugged and robbed in Miami while leaving a U-Haul parking lot. My wife lost her purse with jewels and a few hundred dollars. The theft delayed our trip back to California. The culprits were never caught, and in retrospect we realized it had been an inside job between a local gang and some workers in the U-Haul store. We were pushed to the ground from behind but were otherwise unhurt, so I am glad that David too was not hurt.

Criminals in Chicago and elsewhere are multiplying thanks to a combination of lack of prosecutions, soft laws on crime, the expansion of gangs entering the country unimpeded by the Biden gang, and the deteriorating economic situation. Soon the next best jobs available will be in security and armed guards, "carros blindados," etc.

JE comments:  Crime is being politicized of late--as everything is being politicized.  Statistics can "prove" nearly anything related to crime, but the consensus seems to be that the biggest spike in the US was between 2019 and 2020.  Hard to blame Biden for that.

The worst crime of course is the one that happens to you.  Francisco, sorry about your terrible experience in Miami.  Did it happen by chance during Miami's "Wild West" cocaine era--the 1980s?

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  • Crime Rates in the US (Istvan Simon, USA 04/03/23 2:51 AM)
    I am afraid I cannot agree with Francisco Wong-Díaz about the crime rate in the US. While some crimes have increased substantially from 2019 to 2020, other violent crimes decreased significantly.


    I regret the muggings that he and David Duggan suffered, but to generalize from such incidents is misleading and dangerous.

    JE comments:  The NPR article above is from 2020.  As I wrote yesterday, statistics are available to prove pretty much any view on crime in America.  We can blame Biden or blame Trump, or blame the economy, Covid, etc.  Or if you prefer, you can argue that crime is down from the 1990s, despite the plague of school shootings.

    Reports from the Right argue that San Francisco has become nearly unlivable.  I haven't visited since 2015--what have our Bay Area colleagues observed?  Istvan?  My own notorious city, Detroit, actually strikes me as peaceful every time I've gone downtown of late.

    See below for Detroit.  Violent crime was down in 2022, but property crimes increased.  Statistics, statistics.

    Detroit has decline in violent crime, increase in carjackings in 2022, police say (michiganradio.org)

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    • San Francisco, San Jose Urged to Hire More Police (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA 04/04/23 10:46 AM)
      Istvan Simon (April 3rd) disagrees with me about crime because he just looks at statistics, and John E has asked about San Francisco because he has not visited in 7 years.

      Suffice to say that the mayors of both San José and SF are pushing to hire dozens if not hundreds of more police officers. In San José, they want to put police walking the beat and on bikes.

      Moreover, to show the selfishness of those woke politicians, in SF one supervisor who is now a victim of a crime but was a leader of the defund the police movement is now at the forefront of the refund the cops. Nothing like a good mugging to turn Liberals into something else.

      JE comments:  Francisco, I presume you are referring to Supervisor Hillary Ronen.  See below.  The Fox article says nothing about her personally being a crime victim:

      San Francisco supervisor Hillary Ronen begs for more police in her district after voting to defund in 2020 | Fox News

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