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Post Theranos Scandal and Stanford Connections
Created by John Eipper on 09/28/21 4:02 AM

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Theranos Scandal and Stanford Connections (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA, 09/28/21 4:02 am)

A short note on the Theranos criminal fraud case, which is now being tried in a San José federal court.

The notorious Stanford dropout founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, is now married, pregnant with child and living in tony Woodside in a rented house on the $135 million (asking price) Green Gables estate. Former Secretary of Defense retired four-star General Mattis, now at Hoover, recently testified on his involvement in the board of directors and confirmed that she was totally in charge. A testimony that is a direct threat to the defense strategy that she was manipulated and controlled by her former boyfriend/partner.

Other Stanford University celebrities associated with the Theranos case are former SecDef William Perry and the late former Secretary of State George Schultz. The latter's grandson is the whistleblower who opened the doors to the Theranos scam.

JE comments:  And we must put in a word for the WAIS Chair Emerita, Dr Phyllis Gardner, who questioned Elizabeth Holmes's snake-oil show from the very beginning.  Since Phyllis is as modest as she is accomplished (and beloved!), I'll let the San José Mercury-News tell her story, in this 2019 interview:

Theranos: Stanford prof never trusted Elizabeth Holmes (mercurynews.com)

Bravo, Phyllis!

One correction to Francisco Wong-Díaz's comment:  Elizabeth Holmes has already given birth, back in July.  The pregnancy delayed her trial until now.  Francisco, are you following the proceedings?  I'd be grateful for updates as they unfold.

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