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World Association of International Studies


WAIS 2015 Conference Program

Golden Jubilee Conference: Fifty Years of Pax, Lux, et Veritas

Hegemony: Past, Present, Future

Saturday, October 10th, Bechtel International Center, Stanford

8:30-9:00. Registration. Coffee and light breakfast

   (The registration fee of $125 covers all food and the Saturday evening banquet)

9:00. Welcome remarks from John Eipper, WAIS President. "Hegemony"

9:15. John Torok: Capitalist Hegemony, the Occupy Moment and the Livable Wage

9:45. Paul Pitlick, MD: The Affordable Care Act, Two Years Later

10:15. Edward Jajko: Translating Genesis


11:00. Robert Gibbs: Energy Politics in Central Asia

11:30 Yusuf Kanli: Turkey Today

12:15-1:15 buffet lunch

1:15. Marie Ridley:  Dialects and Hegemony:  Norway

1:45. Massoud Malek: Reflections on a Trip to Cuba

   Cuba roundtable discussion, with Francisco Wong-Díaz, Moderator

2:30. Timothy C Brown, Diplomarine

3:00. Anthony D'Agostino, World History in the Era of Globalization, 1968-2000


4:00. David A. Westbrook, Beyond the State? Hegemony and Decadence

   (free time)

7:00. Banquet Celebration, Portofino Room, Westin Palo Alto Hotel (675 El Camino Real)

Sunday, October 11th, Bechtel

8:30-9:00. Coffee and light breakfast

9:00. Roman Zhovtulya, Developments in Ukraine

9:45. Cameron Sawyer (WAIS Chair). Developments in Russia

10:15. Hall Gardner: Origins of WWI


11:00. Bienvenido Macario: Developments in Philippines

11:30. Evelyn Aleman: Educational Reform

12:00-1:00. buffet lunch

1:15. Tamara Zúñiga-Brown, ESL Instruction Today

1:45. Francisco Ramírez, Hegemony of Elite Educational Institutions

2:15. Randy Black, Diplomas to Nowhere

2:45. John Eipper, WAIS/CIIS/Bolívar House: An Institutional History


3:30. Conclusions