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Post on Informationclearinghouse.info
Created by Randy Black on 02/29/12 6:16 AM -

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on Informationclearinghouse.info (Randy Black, USA, 02/29/12 6:16 am)

Tor Guimaraes (28 February speaks of his American Dream life and that of his family. Tor mentions a Website, informationclearinghouse.info, that runs a daily rant/blog about the "mob that rules America."

Tor said, "I love America and want it to be successful, with an educated, happy, and wealthy people living in a democratic society. Unfortunately, the direction in which the entire world seems to be going, precludes that. .The link below is quite shocking."

For informational purposes: I am not criticizing Tor's concerns or the plethora of articles on the site. My intent is to provide information about the site's owner, Tom Feeley, and the types of articles he re-posts from other sites. He is, by his own admission, "not wealthy, not a journalist, is not a political activist, not a trained investigator, and survives on donations." He is not a tax-exempt entity.

I listened to the first eight minutes of the linked 25-minute video. It's actually a narration with history book-type graphics and photos.



After about an hour of Internet sleuthing, I offer the following information on informationclearinghouse.info. Draw your own conclusions about credibility issues regarding the Website and its owner.

Considering the anonymity of the Internet and the fact that anyone with a PC and a connection to the World Wide Web can become a publisher, Mr. Feeley's writings are not surprising.

It's the usual "the rulers of America are watching us all, the Federal Reserve, Israel and CNN are the enemy, there is no hope" kind of communication. Only the names of the perps have changed, from Bush-Cheney to the current list of suspects.

The linked video and the Website's articles are pretty typical "the sky is falling" diatribes that reek with "if we don't wake up and clean out our ears, our lives and our world will end" stuff. Chicken Little is alive and well and living in Imperial Beach, California, apparently. While the writer/owner claims to be in Southern California, his Website registration leads to Canada, and the phone number listed for the registrant is also Canadian.

From a number of "alternative media" Websites, Mr. Feeley claims that "well-dressed US government thugs carrying guns were discovered in his kitchen" where they threatened his wife if he did not stop his blog. "We know where your son and his children live," they claimed. He also claims that a fat man with an untucked shirt tail confronted him in a drug store parking lot four years ago with threats that he "needed to stop his Internet writings."

Mr. Feeley claims that the FBI would do nothing when he complained. He has not stopped his online blog, yet the death threats (his words), have not resulted in any actions against him or his family four years on. Feeley claims that he ditched his cellphone to avoid being tracked. Source: infowars.com

He reprints articles from other "independent media" and Russian media, and apparently does not do much original writing. Some of the articles come from a decade ago. One of his re-posted articles from 1999, predicts the "coming World War IV." Apparently, I missed World War III.

That article came from someone named "Subcommandante Insurgente Marcos" in Chiapas (state), Mexico.

Subcommandante Marcos wrote, "The first obstacle is the Nation States: they must be attacked and destroyed. Everything which makes a State 'national' must be destroyed: language, culture, economy, its political life and its social fabric. If national languages are no longer of use, they must be destroyed, and a new language must be promoted. Contrary to what one might think, it is not English, but computers. All languages must be made the same, translated into computer language, even English. All cultural aspects that make a French person French, an Italian Italian, a Dane Danish, a Mexican Mexican, must be destroyed. by destroying Nation States, dignity, resistance and solidarity are built anew. There are no ties stronger, more solid, than those which exist between different groups: between homosexuals, between lesbians, between young people."

Draw your own conclusions. My hunch is that Tor's dreams are alive and safe and will continue to be gratifying. I certainly hope so.



JE comments: My hunch? That I'll be hearing from Mr. Feeley in the next few days...

In the meantime, beware, oh WAISers, of big guys with untucked shirts!

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  • on Informationclearinghouse.info (Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, USA 03/01/12 3:37 AM)

    As a fan and supporter of Information Clearing House and Tom
    Feeley, I would like to respond to Randy Black's post of 29 February.

    Randy writes: "Considering the anonymity of the Internet and the fact that
    anyone with a PC and a connection to the World Wide Web can become a
    publisher..." How fortunate this is for those of us who like to exercise our
    curiosity, intellect, and are of the belief that being informed is a
    constructive way to serve society. Information Clearing House is not
    mainstream media--Mr. Feeley's site is one of very few sites which fills in the
    media truth gap and offers an alternate to the lies fed to the public by
    mainstream media.

    According to Peter Phillips of Daily Censored (no doubt from Randy's perspective,
    another person who "rants"), "only 118 people comprise the membership on the
    boards of director of the ten big media giants. These 118 individuals in
    turn sit on the corporate boards of 288 national and international
    corporations. Four of the top 10 media corporations share board director
    positions with the major defense contractors." (Peter Phillips is a
    Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and President of the
    Media Freedom Foundation and recent past director of Project Censored.)
    These Corporations/media do not serve the public interest and profit
    motivates them.

    Among those who post articles at Mr. Feeley's site, the most prominent include Noam Chomsky; Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
    during President Reagan's first term and Associate Editor of the Wall
    Street Journal
    , as well as numerous academic positions; Philip Giraldi,
    former counter-terrorism and military intelligence officer of CIA; Francis
    Boyle, professor of international law; Andrew Bacevich; Pat Buchannan;
    Cynthia McKinney; Cindy Sheehan; James Petras; Ron Paul; and many more
    distinguished and notable individuals. Some lesser-caliber writers such as
    myself have at times managed to voice our opinions on his site.

    Contrary to the mainstream media, Tom Feeley is supported by readers so he
    does not feel obliged to feed the war industry. He sheds light on issues
    concealed or distorted by the mainstream media.

    As someone who suffered from lack of diversity of news which led to spending
    most of her life in a bubble, I am grateful to have access to a variety of
    information. The professor who made the most lasting impression on me as an
    undergraduate student a decade ago, told his class that they should read
    everything from the very far left to the very far right, and everything in
    between of course. Once one hears all sides, then one is able to draw a
    conclusion which seems logical and accurate to them. Randy Black may want to
    consider only the extreme right media and CNN, Fox, etc. for his news
    outlets, but we have not yet lost the freedom to benefit from free speech
    (opinion, news) as opposed to opinions paid for by corporations.

    JE comments: I must stress that WAIS is also beholden to no corporation, and certainly not the war industry!  (Which reminds me:  time to send out another fundraiser post...)

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