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Post Thoughts on Libya Events
Created by John Eipper on 03/23/11 2:08 AM

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Thoughts on Libya Events (Alain de Benoist, France, 03/23/11 2:08 am)

I agree entirely with Miles Seeley's reasonable post about Libya (21 March).

The supposed objective of the war against Libya is to protect civilian people. However, civilian people are killed every day now by the French, English, and US strikes. In Iraq and Afghanistan, of course, US troops have killed many more civilian people than Gaddafi (in France we write: Kadhafi) in Libya.

I am sure that the WAISers who approve the bombings of Libya will approve also of bombing Bahrain, where civilian opponents are killed by the government (with the help of soldiers from Saudi Arabia) exactly as with Gaddafi in Libya.

I am sure also that they would have loved the bombings of Israel in 2008-2009 to put an end to the massacre of the Palestinian civilians during the "Cast lead" military operations in Gaza strip (1,315 people killed, among them 410 children; 5,285 injured).

Randy Black (22 March) wrote: "Apparently, Gaddafi has a short memory regarding what the West is liable to do." Gaddafi may remember, however, that 25 years ago Reagan ordered bombings of his country which killed his little baby girl. She was eighteen months old.

Oh, by the way, is it not very strange that the only Near-Eastern Muslim country where there is presently no general insurrection against the local leaders is Iran?

JE comments: What about Saudi Arabia? There may indeed be insurrections there that we don't know about. Nor have I heard of anything going on in Syria. All these countries (Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia) have one thing in common: no tolerance whatsoever for political dissent. (True, this was also the case for Libya...and Tunisia and even Egypt.)

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  • Thoughts on Libya Events; Demonstrations in Iran (Nigel Jones, UK 03/26/11 7:23 AM)
    I apologise for the late response to this, as I have been offline for a week, but Alain de Benoist (23 March) is incorrect in stating that Iran is the only near-eastern Muslim country where there has been no recent general insurrection. Within the last two weeks there have been widespread protests and demonstrations in Iran, which were nipped in the bud by the Mullah regime by the tried-and-tested device of arrests and household detention of opposition leaders, including the rightful winner of the 2009 Iranian presidentaial election--the one that was stolen by said regime.

    Alain will really have to accept that not everything in the Iranian garden is lovely.

    I do, however, absolutely agree with Alain's position on the Libyan intervention by France, the US and Britain. It is an act of folly amounting almost to madness.

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  • Thoughts on Libya Events: Gaddafi's Daughter (Randy Black, USA 08/28/11 3:56 AM)
    In his 23 March 2011 post, Alain de Benoist stated, "25 years ago Reagan ordered bombings of (Gaddafi's) country which killed his little baby girl."

    Alain will be happy to learn that the claim by Gaddafi that the American bombers had killed his child was just another lie. Gaddafi, for the past quarter century has repeated the lie often, even having built a shrine to the adopted, "dead" child. The 1986 American attack, of course, was in response to Libya's part in the bombing of a Berlin night club, an attack that resulted in the death of two US servicemen and injuries to 79 others.

    As was discovered two days ago, the baby girl was not killed by the bombing. These days, she works as a physician in Tripoli.

    One of many reports: London, August 27. An adopted daughter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi--who was believed to have been killed in US airstrikes in 1986--is alive and working as a doctor in a Tripoli hospital, a media report said.

    For 25 years, Gaddafi has been claiming that his adopted baby daughter Hana was killed in the airstrike. He even set up a shrine to the six-month-old baby in his Tripoli compound, with replica American missiles and furniture preserved behind glass screens. Now, documents and photographs found in the compound by rebel troops suggest that Hana is still alive, the Daily Mail said.

    She reportedly studied medicine in Tripoli, and four years ago took English classes at the British Council in the Libyan capital.

    An examination paper from a Libyan medical institution was found to be written in Arabic and signed "Hana Muammar Gaddafi."

    A passport photograph of a young woman thought to be Hana, along with pictures of her with Gaddafi's blood daughter Aisha, have been found.

    Medical textbooks and photographs of a woman in her mid-20s wearing medical clothing were also found.





    JE comments:  This is good news, especially for Gaddafi's daughter--although now she's gone from dead and revered to alive and reviled.  A martyred little girl is a powerful PR tool, and it's no surprise that the lie could be perpetuated for so long in a closed country like Libya.  How is it that the British Council (is that a cultural organization?) was unaware of the identity of their student?

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    • Gaddafi's Daughter (Alain de Benoist, France 08/28/11 8:39 AM)
      Randy Black (28 August) announced emphatically that the Gaddafi's baby girl who was allegedly killed by the American bombings of 1986, is finally alive and well.

      Randy referred to several articles, including one published in the English Daily Mail, which says that "documents" and a passport photograph of a young woman "thought to be Hana" (the former baby girl) found by rebel troops in Gaddafi's Tripoli compound "suggest" that Hana is alive and now works in a Tripoli hospital.

      Everything is of course possible. Gaddafi may have lied about that story, like the Bush administration lied about Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" (let's not forget either the forged story of the babies killed by Saddam Hussein's troops in Kuwaiti incubators). It's also possible that the American bombers, which destroyed so many babies and children in recent years, did not kill this particular one. However, such a "suggestion," even mixed in with other sayings, rumors or allegations, is no proof of anything. If this Hana Gaddafi is today working as a physician in a Tripoli hospital, it would be easy to show her to the world. I am waiting to see and hear her.

      I remember however that, when I was myself in Tripoli in the 1990s, I saw photographs of the corpse of Gaddafi's baby daughter killed in 1986 by the US bombs. Another lie?

      Gaddafi has many children from many women. Some say today he had only one daughter, Aisha. Others say that after the death of his adopted baby girl, he adopted another one who also received the name of Hana. In any case, with such a poor information, it is much too early to be sure of anything. I do not think that the rebels, who are presently torturing and murdering all the Gaddafi supporters they can find, are more credible than Gaddafi himself.

      JE comments:  The truth on this will come out, eventually.  I very much would like to hear more about Alain's trip to Tripoli in the 1990s.

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