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Post Covid: A Review of Official and Non-Official Narratives
Created by John Eipper on 07/21/22 4:47 AM

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Covid: A Review of Official and Non-Official Narratives (Enrique Torner, USA, 07/21/22 4:47 am)

There is a bigger and way worse war than the one taking place in Ukraine right now. It's a global and a civil war, a war that is bitterly dividing marriages, families, friends, social and political classes, and peoples of all kinds. It's a bloodless war, but blood is in the air: it's a terrible war. It's a war that is leading people to distrust their own relatives, friends, physicians, politicians, people in government, and just about everybody. It's a war that is causing a tremendous amount of fear, despair, anger, hatred, and many other feelings among people.

The war I am talking about involves our freedoms: freedom of expression, our right to decide what goes into our bodies, and freedom to access all information without being first censored by some authority. The war we are currently facing everywhere is that of information: information about Covid, about the economy, politics, and many other aspects of daily life. In this WAIS post, however, I will only discuss the two first topics.

This post has been brewing in my mind for months, but I have been hesitant and fearful about writing it: it is not easy to write about this topic. It will raise eyebrows, disdain, anger, unbelief, exasperation. However, I have reached the point of no return: either I write about it, or I will explode. Whatever will be, will be. Let it rip. However, I would like to plead the WAISitudes to read it with an open mind, and, unlike the rest of the world, don't let the given narratives dictate your opinions about the subjects I'm going to bring up.

The first topic is Covid: the disease and the so-called vaccine. The official narrative is what everybody hears, reads about, and blindly believes in. This is driven by the CDC, WHO, the FDA, and many health organizations all over the world. These organizations have received funding and great influence from billionaires like Bill Gates and others. Anthony Fauci has also been a great driver in this narrative. According to them, COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan lab in China, where it accidentally escaped. This theory is already being put in question: the latest research found data that demonstrates previous existence of the virus in humans in other countries. This study also defends that it was humans who transmitted the virus to the cattle at the Wuhan market. Here is the link:


Governments and "regular" social media have, since the beginning of Covid, been censoring people (politicians, physicians, and all kinds of scientists especially) who have been trying to dispute all the Covid official statements. As a result of that, other platforms have been created so these people could post their research findings and opinions about Covid and any other subject, Rumble and BitChute being the main ones (as far as I know: they are the ones I am acquainted with). These platforms are YouTube-like platforms, but without the censorship. I can't believe I'm saying this in the US! I feel like I'm back in Franco's Spain! These platforms have allowed a big plethora of scientists (virologists, biologists, physicians, lawyers, etc) to develop a counter narrative about Covid. There are a variety of sub-narratives within it, but they basically dispute the official one. On one extreme, some claim that Covid was intentionally planned and induced by some wealthy and influential people from around the world, Bill Gates being one of them. The reason for this being that the world is overpopulated and needs to be reduced, so Covid would help to do so. Another reason was that this would allow the world governments to force all the Covid vaccines on people. This goes against the Nuremberg Code (1947), according to which no one should receive a shot without previous consent. This argument goes against the imposition of vaccine mandates.

Let's talk now about Covid vaccines. Despite the fact that they are called vaccines, they are not really so, according to the non-official narrative. It was rushed through the process and came out as an experimental vaccine, but it is actually not a vaccine, according to the non-official narrative and to many other people. The vaccine has caused Covid variants and side effects that have killed more people than all other vaccines in history combined: these are two other claims by the non-official narrative. Countries that have the highest rates of vaccinations (like Portugal and Spain) are now having the highest number of Covid cases right now. There is a report that Boris Johnson resigned in part because of the failure of the Covid vaccine: 90% of the people who contracted the virus since April had received the shot. MRNA vaccine technology pioneer Dr. Robert Malone claims this in the following video:


The fact that they government keeps adding boosters (now they are calling for a fourth one) makes the point of how useless they have become!

Especially affected have been young people and healthy athletes, hundreds or thousands of them having died of cardiac arrest. Infant casket orders (18 months to 10 years old) have gone up 30 to 40% since the inception of Covid, according to a Toronto casket salesman: he states that in 7 months they sold the amount they usually sell in 5 years! Here is the link:


Another claim is that it negatively affects women's fertility. Other negative side effects involve the nervous system, and there have been studies proving that. That is the reason I did not take the shot, as I explained in a previous WAIS post. I am aware that there are website about these Covid myths, some even from health care facilities of good reputation. I want you to be aware, however, that there are also many scientists (including physicians and virologists) who have published studies disputing these rebuttals with creditable statements. However, they have been forced to publish the results of their studies in these alternative platforms, and this is a problem. Their claims are being ignored and, therefore, not known by people who don't participate in these alternative platforms. They should be allowed to participate in the discourse at large so all scientists can discuss them openly. Drs. Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko (who created a Covid prevention and treatment protocol and sadly passed away recently this past June 30 of lung cancer), Robert Malone, Paul Alexander, Lee Merritt, Carrie Madej, Christian Northrup, and Joseph Mercola are a few prominent physicians that lead this non-official narrative. Of special note, Robert F. Kennedy also supports it. Some virologists of high repute also support some of their claims, and particularly point towards the many serious risks that these vaccines are posing on children, and they strongly advise against it because it is compromising their immune systems. Some have noticed a rise in infant mortality in Denmark, supposedly due to being vaccinated. Watch the following link that includes a video with a warning from Belgian vaccine expert and virologist Vanden Bossche, according to whom vaccinated people are at extreme risk in the coming months because of the latest Covid mutations:


The next topic is treatment of Covid. If you get sick with Covid and go to the doctor or clinic, unless your oxygen level is below 90 or have other emergency symptoms, the doctor will send you home with no treatment other than fluids and rest. That was the response my wife, our two daughters, and I received when we got sick and went. If you are unvaccinated, you might even get a reprimand for not having been vaccinated, no matter the reason: I got a good one when I went to the ER, despite my justification. That's no way to treat an ailing patient! This lack of early treatment has led many sick people to severe disease and death. In contrast, many doctors and some clinics all over the US have used the Zelenko treatment or other treatments and prevented many patients from getting worse and die, including my own family. None in my family was hospitalized, thanks to the early treatment we received from Synergy Health through telehealth appointments using the Zelenko protocol:


In addition, other treatments have been successfully used to treat COVID: hyperbaric treatment, EECP therapy (enhanced external counterpulsation), and EES (energy enhancement system). These treatments have not been advertised to the public as they should. Here are links describing them:




These therapies, as you see in the links, help treat several medical conditions. These links may not include Covid as the disease the therapy treats, but there are studies that have reached excellent results.

If you are so sick that Covid that you are hospitalized, you will likely receive Remdesivir and put on a ventilator. Remdesivir, however, may lead to respiratory and organ failure, and is not recommended at all by the non-official narrative. Its adverse effects are even shown in the following scientific paper, which also describes the side effects of other drugs used for Covid:


If you are put on a ventilator, that is a bad sign, and tends to lead to serious negative consequences, according to the non-official narrative.

Another aspect of this Covid debate is formed by the pharmaceutical companies that produced the vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, etc. Some of them, if not all, signed secretive, lucrative, and suspicious contracts with health governmental agencies from countries all over the world. These contracts should be made public so people can know what they contain. Uruguay has recently suspended Covid vaccinations for children under 13:


Finally, I would like to touch another subject of Covid prevention: the vaccine vs. natural immunity benefits. The official narrative is that the vaccine offers superior prevention, while the non-official defends that natural immunity from contracting the disease is actually superior. Traditionally, speaking of vaccines in general, natural immunity has always been conceived as superior to the vaccine: what's up with this change? Regarding this debate, it seems that the US has a stronger opinion than Europe: in the old continent, the European Digital Covid certificate, which offers you a pass to travel anywhere in the EU, allows anybody who has recovered from Covid to travel anywhere in the continent:


These passports now offer freedom to travel to people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. However, those who have not received the vaccine or contracted the virus are still deprived of their freedom to travel or even entering some public spaces. My friend and WAIS colleague Eugenio Battaglia has privately told me of being deprived from even entering grocery stores! And what's the matter with the US with this subject? I had to go through weekly Covid tests last year to be able to keep my college teaching job. Entrance in the US seems to only recently have allowed people to enter with either vaccination or documentation of recovery from the virus. I just discovered this:


I don't have time to do a thorough research on all these aspects mentioned, and I am not endorsing each of the narratives. I am, however, bringing this into the light so you are aware of the existence of these two narratives. The official narrative has been dismissing the other one accusing them of disinformation, spreading myths, and of being ignorant. This is misleading: there are lots of very reputable scientists on the other side who have risked and/or are risking their jobs, even their own lives by exposing their research findings. There have been quite a few physicians who have even committed suicide as a result of this. There needs to be a confrontation, and it has already been started by several legal organizations. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer who lives in the US, is leading a global team of hundreds of scientists and lawyers who claims that the global response to Covid has involved crimes against humanity. You will be hearing from them, if you haven't heard from them already.

The consequence of all that I have stated so far is that there are many people who have viewed and/or read this non-official narrative and are now mistrusting physicians, so they are afraid of going to the doctor if they get sick, especially with Covid, let alone of going to the hospital. Even worse, families in which some family members believe the official narrative and others believe in the non-official one are at terrible odds with each other, even getting in awful, dangerous arguments. This is a bad situation, and only a calm, long civilized discussion between both sides of the scientific spectrum that leads to clear conclusions that are later spread to the public can solve this serious health threat.

Tennis player Novak Djokovic, of whom Consoly León Arias and David Duggan recently spoke, is an example of somebody who defends his freedom not to get jabbed, no matter the cost. Watch this video:


Finally, I want to make clear that I don't endorse all the claims of the non-official narrative, and neither do I endorse quite a few of the official narratives. My main goal for this post was to make you aware of these two narratives, and to emphasize that this non-official narrative has not been put together by a bunch of simpleminded people, as many people believe, but that they include lots of very intelligent scientists--including doctors, virologists, biologists, and lawyers from around the world. Therefore, their assertions need to known by the public and properly evaluated and discussed by all the experts, not dismissed as disinformation or a bunch of myths. Only such a discussion, followed by a common conclusion, can put these subjects at rest so common folks can reach proper conclusions.

I will end with linking the virus to the economy, but I will have to do this briefly, since I have written way too long a post: the long pandemic had devastating effects on the global economy. The war in Ukraine aggravated it. The non-official narrative gives also fault to the Biden policies. In addition, they are offering data that predict, not a recession, but an economic collapse of the US, if not a global one. Catherine Austin Fitts, a banker and former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Housing under George H. W. Bush, has been vocal about the danger of a coming financial collapse. In 2017, she discovered that $21 trillion had been used as "unauthorized spending": that is still missing. You can go to Rumble and watch many of her videos, some of which talk of a "Great Reset." The non-official narrative also predicts extended power gridlocks that will be caused by excessive demand and/or cyberattacks by Russia. They encourage people to take preventive measures, such as investing in home generators and stocking up on food and water.

And with this, I conclude my long remarks about Covid and the economy. I apologize for the length of my post, and hope that you will have reached these final lines. I am looking forward to your responses.

JE comments:  Enrique, thank you for the time and effort you put into this.  I'm unashamedly pro-vax myself, but like many of us, I also caught the dreaded C.  My symptoms back in January were nothing more than a mild flu.  I like to think it's because I was vaccinated, but you raise a question I cannot answer:  since I had been vaxxed and boosted, why didn't I enjoy complete immunity?  Why don't we ever hear of "breakthrough" polio or tetanus?

At the same time, it's impossible to separate the science of this debate from its underlying ideology.  Has there ever been a public health crisis so tainted by politics?  I wasn't around at the time, but were there anti-vaxxers (beyond a few religious zealots) in the wake of the Salk vaccine?  The public trusted the authorities back then--but much of today's mistrust is undeniably the "authorities'" fault.

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  • Covid Vaccine is Safe, Does Not Impact Fertility (Massoud Malek, USA 07/23/22 3:57 AM)
    In his July 21st post about Covid-19, Enrique Torner, wrote:

    "Despite the fact that they are called vaccines, they are not really so, according to the non-official narrative. It was rushed through the process and came out as an experimental vaccine... The vaccine has caused Covid variants and side effects that have killed more people than all other vaccines in history combined.... Another claim is that it negatively affects women's fertility."

    Contrary to what Enrique wrote, Covid vaccine has not caused variants and side effects that have killed more people than all other vaccines in history combined. My arguments are based on very reputable sources, such as Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, CDC, and other unbiased websites.

    The 1918 influenza pandemic, falsely known as Spanish flu, killed between 17 million and 50 million people worldwide, and possibly as high as 100 million. This would make it the second deadliest pandemic in human history after the Black Death bubonic plague of 1346-1353. Two years later, nearly a third of the global population, or an estimated 500 million people, had been infected in four successive waves.

    Viruses that cause pandemics often mutate to become less life-threatening. The 1918 influenza strain never disappeared; rather it continued to mutate and a version of it continues to circulate to this day. Like Covid, a certain influenza strain does cause many people to lose their sense of taste or smell. Influenza complications can include inflammation of the heart, brain or muscles and multi-organ failure. Secondary bacterial infections, particularly pneumonia, can occur following a bout of influenza infection.

    The World Health Organization estimates that 290,000 to 650,000 people die of flu-related causes every year worldwide.

    The CDC estimates that flu has resulted in 9 million to 41 million illnesses, 140,000 to 710,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 to 52,000 deaths annually between 2010 and 2020 in the US.



    It is a myth that researchers rushed the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, so its effectiveness and safety cannot be trusted.

    The fact: The Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna were created with a method that has been in development for years, so the companies could start the vaccine development process early in the pandemic.

    The vaccine developers didn't skip any testing steps, but conducted some of the steps on an overlapping schedule to gather data faster.


    Whether you're trying to get pregnant or just trying to stay healthy, all of the science points in the same direction: Getting your Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to fend off the virus's most severe impacts.

    1. The Covid-19 vaccine doesn't impact conception.

    2. The Covid-19 vaccine doesn't affect the placenta.

    3. The Covid-19 vaccine doesn't affect sperm.

    4. Getting the Covid-19 vaccine won't impact your fertility.

    5. Though the myth says the vaccine could negatively impact the placenta, it seems that it's the virus that actually does so.

    6. The January 2022 study found that in couples in trying to get pregnant, conception was down 18 percent in the three months after the male partner was infected with Covid-19. When people get an infection, whether it's Covid-19 or any other viral infection, having a fever can impact sperm formation.


    JE comments:  That's solid science, Massoud.  But science no longer influences one's the decision to vax or not.  It's now become a matter of politics and religion, two fields in which people cling passionately to their beliefs.  To be sure, both sides of the vaccine controversy can cite science to back up their claims.  That's what the Internet is for.

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