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Post What Would a Second Trump Term Look Like?
Created by John Eipper on 11/15/21 2:22 AM

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What Would a Second Trump Term Look Like? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 11/15/21 2:22 am)

George Aucoin wrote back on October 23rd that "criticizing Trump is really attacking his supporters" (23 October).  

I admit that at first I expected that Trump might be a breath of political fresh air after the disasters presided over by the many corrupt and lying administrations of Clinton, Bush/Cheney and Obama.  So you can imagine my frustration when it became obvious that Trump is actually a horribly ignorant sociopath, capable only of acting for his personal aggrandizement, wealth, and power.  No one can deny he is a chronic liar, so why do his followers trust him?

George stated that regardless of what anyone says, Trump followers are never "persuaded that President Donald Trump, our 45th President, was a dictator. Quite the contrary."  In the early 1930s many Germans were convinced that Hitler was their savior.  The Nazis developed an amazing propaganda machine and history documented how clever they were: Hitler would never be a dictator, he loved Germany too much, so they joined the cult without even noticing it. I fear that Trump supporters are also in a cult.  I never said Trump was a dictator, just that he tried very hard to become one but there were too many laws in his way.  I believe strongly that if he ever won a second term, then he would have installed enough sycophants in the right places to become a lifetime dictator. 

Trump did not become a dictator yet, but he sure caused an insurrection which desecrated the US Capitol, American democracy, and the US Constitution we all swear to protect.  There are millions of traitors in this country who cannot or choose not to realize they swear one thing and act against it as if nothing happened, and manufacture some lame excuse.  Perhaps unfortunately, I am not in a cult.  For example, I don't like Biden because I see him as a continuation of Obama, but at least I don't have to lose sleep worried that my President might start WWIII overnight because some idiot advised he could.

I agree with George that "all voters should keep asking questions, right up to the moment they cast their ballots."  The one thing useful for our nation Trump has done is forcing us to look very closely at the validity of our voting system, and it passed all tests beyond any reasonable doubt.  The Big Lie is clearly a case of self-projection when a would-be dictator says the opponent is going to steal the election before it even started, and continues to insist he won without a shred of evidence.  

I also agree with George that our institutions have been compromised over time, but Trump's minions put the corruption process on steroids and for that he almost became dictator.  Furthermore, I believe in secure borders and immigration controls designed to benefit our nation, but this nonsense about globalism and racism (white supremacists are all Trump supporters) is totally anachronistic.  Scientific knowledge culminating with the deciphering of the human genome has made it completely clear to the reasonably educated that we humans are genetically the same, so racism is wrong scientifically as well as morally and thus, legally.  

Globalism is a social political economic necessity; the world has become too small and precious to allow idiotic nationalism.  Long term we have no choice.  Either we learn to coexist and cooperate closely or humans will not survive pandemics, global climate change, wars, and corrupt government and dictatorships.

This last Veteran's Day provided another ignored glimpse about the "Messiah":  With a long history of disparaging America's military, despite his own record as a five-time draft dodger and his insult that John McCain and every POW were not war heroes.  Draft dodging is OK, but Trump only "likes people who weren't captured."  This time the great narcissist turned his message from praising veterans into an anti-America rant and something he alone is able to restore to greatness.  That is eerily familiar to Adolf's speeches.  Just like Hitler, he is getting increasingly better at sweet talking.  

Trump's prior behavior against our military is much worse.  Recently he declared that "Everything is falling apart, our military is in shambles, [and] the USA is very sadly going to hell!" After an accidental killing of Afghan civilians, Trump blamed "our incompetent Generals," except they are the same generals who were in charge under him.  Trump insinuated that soldiers with PTSD were weak and "couldn't handle" the hardships of war.  The most clear indication of his true character was when he famously ripped them off with a phony telethon used as an excuse to evade a presidential debate.  Once In a truthful moment, in an attempt to get out of a visit to the Aisne-Marne American cemetery in France, he asked: "Why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers." And later he stated that the 1,800 plus Marines who died at Belleau Wood were "suckers" for getting killed. "What's in it for them? They don't make any money."

Regardless of his "colorful character," for Trump supporters I must continue to ask the questions: 

1. What would be his agenda as a new POTUS? What is Trump going to do when: a) the White Supremacists want put all non-whites in concentration camps?  B)  the Christian Fundamentalists want to create Armageddon by supporting further Israeli brutality against Palestinians?  C) Chinese/Russian military capability matches ours?  d) the percentage of Americans in poverty goes to over fifty percent? E) a new pandemic shows up?

2. And George, have you ever done a serious cost-benefit analysis of the four years he was president?  Did the tariffs on Chinese imports work out to America's benefit? Was ignoring Covid-19 a good idea?  Were Trump's policies useful in the Middle East?  Did he bring Iran to its knees as he thought?

JE comments:  WAIS has featured "US Elections" menu topics going back to 2008.  Tor Guimaraes's post may be the very first of the 2024 cycle, but I'll give it another year or so before we add a new topic heading.  I think we can all agree with this decision.

Contempt of Congress indictments are being handed out to Trump's inner circle, with the King of the Unkempt, Steve Bannon, presently in the (shaggy) crosshairs.  The Trump Inc. strategy is to run out the clock--i.e., stall the Congressional investigation in the hopes that the Republicans will regain control in a year's time.  Call it the "McConnell-Garland" play.  And given how slow the wheels of justice are turning, it may work.

I somehow never noticed the 2016 fundraiser for veterans, of which more than $2 million went straight to the Trump campaign coffers.  Here's an NPR summary:

President Trump Ordered To Pay $2 Million For Misusing Trump Foundation Funds : NPR

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