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Post Virginia Governor's Race; Baseball World Series: Is "Woke" a Joke?
Created by John Eipper on 11/04/21 1:24 PM

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Virginia Governor's Race; Baseball World Series: Is "Woke" a Joke? (David Duggan, USA, 11/04/21 1:24 pm)

The United States woke brigade received two comeuppances on Tuesday: woke poster child Terry McAuliffe's loss to Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia gubernatorial race and the Atlanta Braves' World Series victory over the Houston Astros in six games. How so, you ask? Six months ago Major League Baseball jerked this year's All Star game from Atlanta because Georgia had passed what the woke brigade believed to be voting rights restrictions (less onerous than those needed to get on a plane at Hartsfield Airport). And McAuliffe stumbled all over himself when he said that parents have no business telling teachers what to teach.

The woke brigade somehow didn't make the connection. America doesn't want restrictions imposed by outside interests and doesn't want carpetbagging grifters like McAuliffe running their states again (the outcome in New Jersey hasn't yet been decided; with 92% of the vote counted, incumbent Phil Murphy had a 40,000 vote plurality over challenger Jack Ciattarelli, who has not conceded). The Braves won despite losing their top pitcher Charlie Morton to a 2nd inning 1st game broken leg suffered on a come-backer off the bat of Yuli Gurriel. The remaining pitching staff stepped up and proved once again that good pitching beats good hitting.

Pundits were all over the fact that the Braves had the fewest number of victories going into the post-season. Yet they never faced a deciding game, beating the 95-game winning Brewers 3 games to 1 in the NL Division Series, then the 106-game winning Dodgers 4 games to 2 in the NL Championship Series. Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko had a metric for determining who would win the World Series: the team with the fewest former Cubs. So far as I can tell, this series puts the lie to that maxim. The Braves had former Cubs Joc Pederson, Jesse Chavez, Terrance Gore and Series' MVP Jorge Soler who had played for the 2016 champion Cubs. Soler's tape-measure blast in game 6 over the tracks outside Minute Made Park might still be heading into orbit, but he gets a new Corvette to try to find it somewhere between Houston and Austin. Houston had players Martin Maldonado and Robel Garcia both of whom had short stints at Wrigley Field, but ‘Stros' manager Dusty Baker also managed the Cubs some 20 years ago. I still blame him for the 2003 Cubs' meltdown in the NLCS against the Marlins when he didn't go to the mound to calm down the players after the Steve Bartman foul-ball incident.

Pundits were also all over the Republican victory in Virginia after going 10-points for Biden over Trump, some even comparing it to the 1969 gubernatorial election of Linwood Holton (and if Ciattarelli wins) William Cahill in Virginia and New Jersey respectively. Holton, who looks like he came from central casting, died last week at the age of 98; he was the Commonwealth's first Republican governor since Reconstruction, but Virginia had gone for Nixon in 1968 so the comparison is weak. In the grand scheme neither 1969 gubernatorial election amounted to a hill of beans. While Nixon scored a landslide in 1972, before either Cahill or Holton was out of office, he had resigned.

But here is something you can bank on: woke is a joke. You heard it here first.

JE comments:  Does a sports team necessarily reflect the "cultural values" of its city?  Hard to answer that, especially with a global game like baseball, but instead I'll share the clip of Soler's massive blast in Houston.  "Hit it out of the park" is usually a metaphor, but not here:


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  • "Wokeism" and the $450,000 Payment (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA 11/05/21 4:10 AM)
    In response to David Duggan (November 4th), James Carville, a top Democratic Party strategist, blamed the "stupid wokeness" of the Radical Progressives for the election losses suffered by the Dems in Virginia and elsewhere.

    But wokeness is not just to be blamed but also the abject stupidity of those America-haters. For only very stupid people would believe that we have a secured Southern border and that it is a good use of taxpayers money to pay $450,000 in reparations to illegal aliens for being separated from their families!

    JE comments:  The $450K narrative is gaining lots of traction.  For his part, Biden says the story is "garbage."  Who can walk us through the actual details?  I understand that the Wall Street Journal originally reported on the "possibility" of such payments in the context of several lawsuits, and it has been taken as gospel by Fox.  What more do we know?  Wheat please, and not partisan chaff.

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