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Post Who Organized the January 6th Riot?
Created by John Eipper on 01/09/21 8:20 AM

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Who Organized the January 6th Riot? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 01/09/21 8:20 am)

Amazingly, once again Rick Wilson's book Everything Trump Touches Dies is being proved true: His casinos, his companies, political party, character, honor, supporters, presidency, etc. Nevertheless, we the American people should be grateful that Trump is not smarter and less transparent in his behavior, goals, and intentions. Otherwise he would be the perfect Antichrist preached in the Bible. As such, he would have had another four years to mold America with his death touch, and the greatest nation on Earth would be all ruins. As I posted before a few times, he has made great progress destroying America, but seems as if he will fall short, thank God the Universe. That is the good news.

The bad news is that Trump is not done yet. He has several days to try to start WWIII. I am hoping that he will take his marbles back to his resort for a while before the lawsuits start to fly. When he was inciting the riot on the Capitol, he told his zombie supporters to go there and that he would be with them. He lied as usual, because he knew it was a criminal thing to do. I hope that Trump also knows that starting WWIII is wrong, it will destroy America and the world. Please God, let Wilson's book be wrong this one time. I really don't want to play Gotterdammerung.

John Eipper commented earlier, "Trump may attempt a reprise of the January 6th events. If he remains unpunished, his only takeaway from the putsch will be to do it bigger and more violently the next time." I agree but Trump is under check right now; the next few months should show him checkmated, one way or another. My worry now is the next "Trump," another con man much smarter, even more deceitful and less obvious, capable of engaging in polite society: the perfect Antichrist for America, capable of achieving his goals without constantly breaking the law. I see an increasing similarity with a possible Hitler situation.

The neo-Nazi effort in America is much stronger than most people realize. This attack on the Capitol was instigated by Trump but it was planned and organized within the Republican establishment. Specifically, the Republican Association of Attorneys General (RAGA) comprising the chief Republican law enforcement officers for their states, used its dark money group to help organize the mob. The Rule of Law Defense Fund (RLDF), a "nonprofit" set up by the RAGA, appears in a list of groups "Participating in the March to Save America," along with Stop the Steal, Turning Point Action, Tea Party Patriots, and others.

The RLDF robocalled activists saying: "The march to save America is tomorrow in Washington DC at the Ellipse in President's Park between E St. and Constitution Avenue on the south side of the White House, with doors opening at 7:00 a.m. At 1:00 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on congress to stop the steal. We are hoping patriots like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections." The call gives a web address, MarchtoSaveAmerica.com, and concludes: "This call is paid for and authorized by the Rule of Law Defense Fund." Deceivingly, RAGA's chair, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, insists he "unequivocally had no knowledge or involvement" in the robocall and "is working diligently to determine how this situation occurred and ensure that it does not happen again."

The executive director of RAGA, Adam Piper, has even more impressive gall and issued a statement saying that the RAGA and RLDF "had no involvement in the planning, sponsoring or the organization of Wednesday's event." Unfortunately for them, they are listed on the website as an organizing entity of the event and they sent the robocall telling everyone where to go and what the agenda for the coup would be. The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) Co-Chairs AG Maura Healey and AG Aaron Ford released a scathing statement: "The continued peddling of conspiracy theories and pandering to President Trump's dangerous lies by the Republican Attorneys General Association, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, and some current and former Republican Attorneys General has gone unchecked for too long. Current and former Republican AGs have been directly involved with efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 presidential election, and now the party of so-called 'law and order' played a role in recruiting the domestic terrorists who breached the U.S. Capitol to attack Vice President Mike Pence for doing his Constitutionally mandated job to certify the Electoral College."

The DAGA has asked every state Republican AG to "publicly distance themselves from the Republican Attorneys General Association and its leadership," and for every donor to the group, corporate or individual to "abstain from further supporting an organization working against American rule of law and democracy." These corporate donors include "Koch Industries ($375k), Comcast Corporation ($200k), Walmart ($140k), Home Depot ($125k), Amazon ($100k), TikTok ($75k), 1-800 Contacts ($51k), Chevron ($50k), The National Rifle Association ($50k), Monsanto ($50k), Facebook ($50k), Fox Corporation ($50k), Uber ($50k), Coca Cola ($50k), Exxon ($50k), and Google ($25k)."

JE comments:  Two issues here:  1)  Does Trump still have some antics up his sleeve for the final eleven days?  And 2) How will the "respectable" enablers of the Epiphany Putsch (see Tor's list above) try to deny responsibility?  Will the "we support democracy and condemn the violence" excuse be enough?

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