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Post US Policy and the "Deep State"
Created by John Eipper on 03/17/19 10:42 AM

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US Policy and the "Deep State" (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 03/17/19 10:42 am)

Keeping in mind that we are all biased to various extents regarding some topics, one of the things I admire about Eugenio Battaglia, my friend and olive oil provider, is his all-around butt-kicker personality. From his post of March 15th, two statements impressed me the most:

I thoroughly agree that one would be "foolish to believe that the foreign policy of the Empire may change with a new President. On the contrary a new President may change some internal politics but in foreign policy it is the 'Deep State' of corporations, various agencies, the arms industry, big oil companies, and lobbies which rule."

Being right in the middle of a cat fight about the disgraces and merits of President Trump, I am making both sides mad at me for not taking sides when I say Trump is merely an extreme case of the state of the American nation. These trends now revealing themselves quite dramatically in some cases have been simmering in the background for many decades. It will take more than a new President to reverse course.  The American people as a whole need to develop a new conscience, as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Eugenio also shared the "news that the Governor of California has suspended all death penalties. A nasty question however: why in our society is the death penalty a no-no for a criminal while the death penalty for an innocent child through abortion is a civil right?"

It made me think that my long standing pro-choice view may not be stable enough. I would assume that prospective mothers go through the suffering of abortion because they know they will not be able to care properly for the child. If big government is willing to incur all costs to give birth and raise a child, I would agree with Eugenio. However, are the pro-lifers willing to take the responsibility for ensuring good parenting? If not, the decision must remain up to the individual woman, and government and the church should mind their own business.

JE comments:  A question comes to mind.  What is really meant by "Deep State"?  Is there such a thing at all, or are we entering into the realm of conspiracy theories?  Are the "Deep State" folks the same ones who don't have to play by the rules when their kids apply to college?

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  • What Is the "Deep State"? (Tor Guimaraes, USA 03/19/19 10:45 AM)
    After Eugenio Battaglia mentioned the "Deep State of corporations, various agencies, the arms industry, big oil companies, and lobbies which rule," John Eipper (March 17th) asked about the meaning of Deep State, whether or not there is such a thing, and whether they the same ones who don't have to play by the rules when their kids apply to college.

    To me you can be a billionaire (i.e. my idols Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) and not be part of the so-called Deep State. Also, corruption of the famous universities' student selection process has nothing to do with it. Being part of the Deep State means you are the power behind the throne. Does that ring a bell? Let's provide some real facts and examples.

    Possibly the beginning of the Deep State in this country may have started with the Lewis Memorandum calling all Chambers of Commerce to unite to protect the interests of business, not customers. By that Mr. Lewis meant lobbying on a grand scale to achieve increasingly favorable business conditions. To some extent that might be healthy for the nation's economy but when corporations become "people" and can pump enormous contributions to their favorite candidates and manipulate elections of the people's supposed representatives, that became a little too much.

    When the US major financial corporations engaged in a massive fraudulent scheme of inducing unqualified home buyers to drive the price of real state to unsustainable levels by corrupting the very credit rating institutions and US government agencies, breaching the separation between commercial banking and investment banking, with the full knowledge that the fraudsters would be rescued with taxpayer money when the obvious disaster occurred, that is way too much corruption enabled by the powers behind the throne.

    In summary, major corporations are the unelected power behind the throne. Just as an example of a now commonly occurring phenomenon, a huge organization like Amazon has just declared a net profit of $12 billion with a tax liability of zero while people working two jobs to earn a living wage with no health care benefits still have to pay taxes. Mr. Lewis' memo really worked and won the war against the people, and now America is drowning in increasing chaos and injustice to its people. That is what I mean by the Deep State at work.

    JE comments:  So is the Deep State fundamentally the age-old injustice of inequality and (especially) the inequality of power?

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    • Is the "Deep State" the Same as Inequality? (Tor Guimaraes, USA 03/21/19 9:20 AM)
      Apparently I was mistaken to think my last post clearly defined my meaning for the vague term Deep State.  John Eipper asked, "So is the Deep State fundamentally the age-old injustice of inequality and (especially) the inequality of power?"

      If by injustice of inequality John means that those who have more talent, or work harder and smarter, get paid more, then the answer is no. If injustice of inequality means I make billions of dollars by manipulating the market and fooling my customers, and use some of my profits to manipulate the supposedly people's representatives into producing legislation which enables me to continue to make my billion profits or more, then the answer is yes.

      Similarly, regarding the inequality of power, if the billionaires can use they resources as megaphones to drown out the voice of the common folks, then democracy suffers, the nation will eventually become weaker and vulnerable. Some people may think that is fair, I think it is evil by corrupting the form of government that made America great.

      JE comments:  I follow what you're saying, Tor.  May I follow up by asking for your thoughts on the distinction between Deep State and general "Conspiracy Theories"?  Societies will always have powerful predator-types, but is there any organized structure as the terms "deep" and "state" seem to suggest?

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      • My Encounter with the Deep State (from Robert Schenck) (John Eipper, USA 03/22/19 9:53 AM)

        Robert Schenck writes:

        Two days ago, on March 20th, while watching Pres. Trump answer questions of the press before leaving Washington,
        my Fox News station on Comcast, which our condominium building recently switched to,
        spontaneously kept flipping from there to the "Fake News" (Trump's term).

        For despite my voice commands,
        the program kept switching, spontaneously, and repeatedly, to CNN, CNBC, etc., in other words to the opposite slant!
        This became very alarming and it tells me the head guru of Comcast, whoever s/he (they) are,
        may want to squelch Trump and Trump's comments!

        This is like George Orwell's 1984 (well worth reading even today)
        where the news is centrally controlled and manipulated. If this is what happened, it would tell me that our constitutional form of government is now in grave danger!

        For how do we combat it if our news cannot even be seen, if it is of an opposing view?
        Has this ever happened to you? George Orwell, 1984, prescient indeed!

        JE comments:  WAISers will remember Robert Schenck, MD from his post on the Concorde (http://waisworld.org/go.jsp?id=02a&objectType=post&o=123171&objectTypeId=89497&topicId=160 ).  

        Bob's experience with spontaneous channel-surfing is not unlike what we suffered this morning on WAIS:  a DOS (Denial of Service) attack.  This explains today's very late start.  As ever, my thanks to Roman Zhovtulya for the fix.

        So the Deep State doesn't approve of our discussions on...the Deep State?

        For another venerable institution in peril, the UK House of Commons, see John Heelan (next).

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      • "Deep State" Again: A Conspiracy? (Tor Guimaraes, USA 03/23/19 4:36 AM)
        As a followup to my post of March 21st, John Eipper asked: "What is the distinction between Deep State and general 'Conspiracy Theories'? Societies will always have powerful predator-types, but is there any organized structure?"

        The social political economic world is very complex. We know that people want power to change things to favor their interests. Of course money is power, because it allows us to by freedom and a better life for us and our loved ones. To that effect some work hard to make changes, some work for the benefits of their communities, and most of us work for our own interests. Adam Smith's two books discussed these issues with considerable persuasion. Most capitalists love the second book but tend to ignore the first, with dealt with morals in business.

        Because of the world's complexity, anyone's opinions should be viewed as theories about reality. To me conspiracy theories means some people got together to do something great for themselves to hurt or benefit someone else. Conspiracy theories may be completely or partially right or wrong. What determines which is the amount of evidence one can present to support his or her opinion.

        Is there a structure behind my view of the term Deep State? Clearly yes. There is a history, an evolutionary growth, and the determinants and objectives are rather very clear for those who look. As I said earlier, likely the beginning of the Deep State in this country was with the Lewis Memorandum calling all Chambers of Commerce to unite to protect the interests of business, not customers. Its goal was to achieve increasingly favorable business conditions by lobbying politicians on a grand scale. It worked very well and today corporations are not just entities "existing only in contemplation of the law." They have become "people" as preached by a Republican candidate. Now they can pump enormous contributions to their favorite causes and political candidates, and manipulate elections of supposedly people's representatives. Slowly the process of change away from democracy evolved, culminating with too-big-to fail and too-big-to-jail players.

        How else can you explain the incredibly destructive global financial crisis? What about the huge disparity of income and wealth? The fact that millions of Americans work for subsistence wages? That millions have no health insurance? That many wealthy corporations like Amazon can declare a net profit of $12 billion with no tax? That today America (the world) is drowning in increasing chaos and injustice to its people? All the negative changes have a reason and have not happened by accident.

        JE comments:  Tor, do you mean the Lewis Powell Memorandum, of 1971?  If so, it's a topic we should look at more carefully.  Many in WAISworld are not familiar with its significance.

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