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Post China's Military and Cyber Threat to the US
Created by John Eipper on 11/19/18 3:07 AM

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China's Military and Cyber Threat to the US (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 11/19/18 3:07 am)

In the past we have discussed the US Empire, its huge military expenses and its many military bases around the world.

The Empire is a maritime power with its great fleet practically dominating all oceans, except for some contested areas, especially in the western Pacific Ocean, where the US Navy still navigates anyway, claiming freedom of passage.

The only two powers that can oppose the Empire are Russia and China. Both claim great military progress in the development of new tanks, submarines and various types of missiles, including those that are claimed to be able to reduce aircraft carriers to sitting ducks.

But if a state wants to maintain its empire, all this weaponry is useless unless it can dominate also the Web.

Both Russia and China have made great steps in this field, especially China. On 9 June 2014, Xi Jinping in a speech to scientists and engineers called for a complete dominance of modern technologies by all means.

The difference between the US and China is that in the former the great tech companies GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) may cooperate with the military, while in the latter BAT (Baida, Ali Baba and Tencent) are obligated to cooperate with the military. This can be a big advantage for China.

The "cuckoo" policy is widespread. It is when a foreign company joins with a domestic company not for a natural commercial partnership but for stealing its technology.

We have experienced the cuckoo trick in Italy for a long time. A foreign company (especially at a time of crisis when prices drop) buys some valuable Italian firms enjoying the initial financial support of the Italian state. Then after few years when all the technology is acquired the plant is closed, the employees are fired and the production is transferred home or to another country with a cheaper work force. The new government in Rome has just enacted a law by which if a company receives financial concessions it cannot later relocate.

Any means is valid (it is the "market"). Bloomberg has also reported that some parts sold by the Chinese firms to Apple, Amazon, Cia and the Pentagon contain small chips used to spy for China. Of course Apple and Amazon have denied this, but it sounds very realistic.

To be honest, all the fuss about the US-China commercial war is probably due to the fact that Trump has recognized the Chinese danger. See the recent blocking of the Chinese in Broadcom and Lattice Semiconductor.  Stephen Bryan was aware of this problem as early as 1979, but the culprit then was Japan.

About security from hackers, if I am not wrong Trump once said that if you want to send a secret message you should write it on a piece of paper and then send it by trusted person.

About the stupidity of EU Commission it has been reported, that following the UN it wants to declare prosciutto, parmesan cheese and olive oil as dangerous to the health.

This idea is coming from some foreign states, and it seems to be due to the presence of salt in the preparation of the cheese and prosciutto. For the oil I could not find the reason.

One other attack would be the permission to no longer indicate the origin of products such as wine. It is believed to be a political and economic attack by the countries with large junk food and drink industries.


JE comments:  According to the Telegraph article above, the UN mentioned no specific foods in its report on the dangers of too much salt.  An Italian newspaper picked up on this, and caused an outcry by suggesting prosciutto and parmesan might be under attack--because they are salty.  As for olive oil, this it goodness in liquid form, so I don't know what the problem could be.

A question on military hardware--is there truth to the rumor that the Chinese now have a missile that can easily sink an aircraft carrier?  Or not so easily?  Either way, this would be a game-changer.

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