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Post Meeting the Ecuadorian Consul
Created by John Eipper on 07/15/17 4:37 AM

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Meeting the Ecuadorian Consul (Enrique Torner, USA, 07/15/17 4:37 am)

Tim Brown's posts about Uruguay and Paraguay remind me of an invitation I just received to lunch, meet, and greet the Consul of Ecuador, Eduardo Sánchez Peralta, who was recently chosen to serve in Minneapolis.

This followed some relatively recent presidential elections, in which Lenin Moreno won in the second round. To be honest, I have no idea about the recent politics in Ecuador, so I could really use some information from my WAISer colleagues. Thanks in advance.

JE comments:  I hope Tim Brown will educate us:  What is the protocol for greeting and addressing a consul?  Is the etiquette different than with a full-blown ambassador?

On the flamboyantly named Lenin Voltaire Moreno Garcés, Ecuador's new president, see this April post (and my comments) from José Ignacio Soler:


Send a picture of your meeting, Enrique!

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  • Consuls Professional and Honorary; Lonnie Hammargren (Timothy Brown, USA 07/16/17 5:36 AM)

    As I remember from long-ago experiences, in the United States as in most other countries, there are two recognized types of Consuls, professional and Honorary. In the US both are officially recognized by the Department of State as official representatives of the country they represent and have certain legal authority and consular immunities, but not diplomatic immunities, unless they are officially registered as secretaries of embassy.  Consuls usually have responsibilities, from visas, passports, certification of documents and other services to the protection and welfare of citizens of their country. Socially, they should be formally addresses as Mr. or Mrs. Consul. To forearm yourself with a bit of information about the Ecuadoran Consulate in Minneapolis, you can google Oficina Consular de Ecuador en Minneapolis.

    There are hundreds of Consulates, both official and honorary in the US. The official Honorary Consul of Belize for Nevada, Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, a neurosurgeon and former Lt. Governor of Nevada, has been a close personal friend for several decades. Lonnie is also the ruling Prince of the Principality of Paradise and I am unofficially his Foreign Minister, although neither endows either of us with any immunities, except against diseases. You can google a largely accurate description of him and the principality at http://usnumsoc.proboards.com/thread/34/principality-paradise

    JE comments:  Numismatists will find the above website, the Unrecognised States Numismatic Society, irresistible.  The currency of Paradise is the Dupee.  Its coinage got some WAIS airplay in 2015:


    A potentially amusing question:  what currency name would you choose for your unrecognized state?  Eipperstan is going with the Semolian.  Even better:  Schemolian.

    Tim:  tell us more about Dr Hammargren's very eccentric HQ, the Castillo del Sol in Las Vegas.  It's destined to be a museum someday, along the lines of the Winchester Mystery House in San José.

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    • Lonnie Hammargren's Castillo del Sol (Edward Jajko, USA 07/17/17 5:13 PM)

      For more on Castillo del Sol (see Tim Brown, 17 July): http://www.atlasobscura.com

      JE comments:  Why have I never before come across the Atlas Obscura?  It's a geography geek's paradise of the bizarre, the whimsical, and the overlooked.  Ed Jajko sent only the link to the homepage, so I just spent 30 minutes surfing around the strange destinations.  And yes:  I'll be returning to the Atlas as soon as I post this link to Dr Hammargren's Castillo del Sol.  The house is open just one day a year, Nevada Day, the last Friday of October.  In 2017 that will be October 27th.  It's worth a flight to Vegas.

      Here's the direct link to the aptly named Castillo:


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    • Schemolians and Smackers; from Gary Moore (John Eipper, USA 07/18/17 9:07 AM)

      Gary Moore writes:

      Flash! Schemolians advance in trading against Smackers.

      JE comments:  For those of you scratching your heads, the Schemolian ($¢h) is the official currency of the (Care)Free State of Eipperstan.  For its part, Gary Mooreland conducts business in Smackers.  "With a name like Smackers, it has to be..."

      Silly, yes, but how many of you thought the Bitcoin would take off?


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  • Lunch with the Ecuadorian Consul (Enrique Torner, USA 07/22/17 4:48 AM)
    Yesterday (July 21st) I met and had lunch with Eduardo Sánchez, the Consul of Ecuador in Minneapolis. Henry Morris, our Dean of Institutional Diversity, had invited him to explore possibilities of exchanges between Minnesota State University, Mankato, and Ecuador. Three Spanish professors and I were invited, as well as the director of Latino Affairs and an Ecuadorian student from our school. We had a very pleasant and productive meeting.

    The consul was receptive and optimistic about establishing student exchanges between our university and some state universities in Ecuador. Eduardo Sánchez has been the consul in Minneapolis for 10 months; before, he was the consul in New Jersey.

    Here is a quiz I am proposing to WAISers: Can you guess who in the picture is the Consul? Can you guess who I am? Can you also identify the two other Ecuadorians in the picture? How about a person from the Dominican Republic?

    Good luck, and have fun!

    JE comments: Photo below. I know who you are, Enrique (standing, second from right), although I've only met you in pictures. As for the Consul, he must be one of the other two gentlemen in a tie.  Isn't tie-wearing something diplomats do?

    Anyone else care to give it a go?

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