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Post An Open Letter to President Trump
Created by John Eipper on 04/20/17 4:01 AM

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An Open Letter to President Trump (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 04/20/17 4:01 am)

Dear President Trump,

The millions of Americans who voted for you did so under the belief that America remains the land of the free where democracy, the rule of law, and free markets still exist. Also, they voted for you because they understood that many past Presidents from both major parties have been less than honest with them. Johnson lied about the Vietnam War, Nixon lied about it too as well as Watergate, Reagan lied about the benefits of trickle-down economics, Clinton lied about globalization, NAFTA, and the long-term strength of the US economy, Bush and Cheney lied about the Iraq War and the oil companies, Obama implicitly lied about the horrendous financial crisis that he inherited and betrayed his Nobel Peace Prize, abusing his military power against innocent civilians in many countries. Even your rival Hillary Clinton lied about her financial corruption and warmongering.

One could say that the common denominator for American presidents has been warmongering and financial corruption as Americans' standard of living deteriorates. I beg you not to continue this trend.  The American people cannot afford it. If you really want to make America great again, the road will be long and hard, but the American people deserve no less. It will require that you do everything in your power toward some basic goals:

1. True democracy: No vote suppression on any American citizen group, corporations are not citizens or people, and no wealthy interests allowed to hijack elections.

2. Law and order: Starting with the US Constitution, laws must be enforced for all people, regardless of sex, race, creed, and wealth. The last global financial crisis, created by massive American government and financial corporations fraud, crippled the American middle class and went unpunished. The world is still reeling from the trillions of dollars ripped off, and the millions of lives destroyed. Please don't let it happen again.  America would be destroyed this time.

3. Free markets: Most business sectors are now dominated by a few large companies. Free markets are critical but the trend is to eliminate competition in a variety of ways. That must be remedied by smart, flexible, and enforced laws and regulations. This should be based on practical reasoning and not ideological dogma.

4. A powerful military: The world is a crazy place and a strong military is a necessity for defending our homeland. But we don't need to be changing governments all over the world, making more enemies than we can kill every day. We have too many troops and bases everywhere.  What is the Return on Investment? Our military expenditures are out of control. Global corporations and other special interests don't want to pay enough taxes to maintain our military that protects their interests, so the burden falls on the American people. We have too many wars, too much destruction, we are making too many enemies and burning fireworks killing too many innocent people.

5. The American people: We desperately need decent jobs paying at least a survival income, we need health care to keep people working lest we want increase their death rate, we need better education lest we produce another generation of poorly trained and uneducated people. The free enterprise system cannot do it alone; it needs urgent help. We must remember that what made America great in everyone's eyes throughout the world was its healthy/wealthy middle class, not a few billionaires that even the most miserable nations in the world have.

6. The nation: America is quickly turning into a decrepit old lady scared of its own shadow with bulging military and security forces, and huge global corporations controlling everything. Our infrastructure is falling apart for lack of attention and misuse of tax payer funds.  This is a strategic problem that saps America's ability to operate effectively in the future, let alone efficiently.

7. Leadership: You must become a leader for the American people, not for wealthy private interests, not for the neocons and the Israeli Likud Party. Similar to Nazi Germany, such attempts at world domination are likely to fail or to produce a world not designed for human beings to live in and be happy. Carpe Diem Mr. President, lead the world to peace and prosperity for the American middle class.

Please make America great again.

Americans have been lied to and fed to the teeth with distractions, but now we expect results and that is why you won the election. If you can't improve the situation along these dimensions, you will become another loser president, which is what most people seem to expect. If you can deliver significant progress, you will be remembered as a great president who saved the American people from long-term social political economic decay.

Late bulletin: Unfortunately, under your watch the civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria jumped from 1,782 to 3,471 the month before. If some bastard terrorist killed one of my friends or family members I would go for major revenge. Similarly, you killing these innocent civilians will multiply our enemies accordingly. And for what purpose? More military security expenses, more dead or crippled Americans, more killing of innocent civilians, more profits for some global corporation that do not want pay taxes to support America?

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