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Post Trump's Travel Ban: An Iranian-American's Perspective
Created by John Eipper on 02/23/17 2:09 PM

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Trump's Travel Ban: An Iranian-American's Perspective (A. J. Cave, USA, 02/23/17 2:09 pm)

Since I am a hyphenated Iranian-American, a woman and a Democrat, I ought to write a few lines about what is called the "travel ban" or the "Muslim ban" by the mass media.

I started and stopped this essay a couple of times. And at this rate, I might not get around to writing anything worth reading. Yes, we should pay attention to immigration, but it is complicated and I haven't found the "easy" button to push yet. But since my views are somewhat different from what others have expressed so far, here is a preview of the coming attractions, with Kaleo's Way Down We Go playing in the background.

I reckon most people haven't even read this Executive Order (No. 13769, just in case you like trivia). It is the 5th executive order of our newly minted President, titled: "PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES," that has sent (almost) everyone into a tizzy.  (I am not sure how this word would translate into various languages.)  It just means sort of bad. If you are a Native American (Indigenous, American Indian or simply Indian), you wish you had thought of something like that before European colonists arrived (illegally) on your shores by boatloads. Those natives had to jump through hoops over centuries to become legal citizens of their own country! The rest of us are all colonists and immigrants with various degrees of separation.

I was waiting to see what the President would do after the Federal courts jumped in and stopped the ban. The "do-over" that was expected this week has been postponed to next week. From a strategic perspective, I think the best thing the President should do, is nothing. Seriously.

He has already check-marked one of his big campaign promises and has made his point. Done and done. Those who think the Executive Order is illegal, are not probably well-acquainted with the colorful twists and turns of the American Immigration history and policy. And there is not even one national security advisor worth her salt who is willing to go on record that there won't be an Islamist terrorist attack in the US in the next 4 years or so. And when that happens (unfortunately), all the President has to do, is point to his E. O. #5 and say something like, "Hey, I tried, but the courts stopped me." In a sense, he has already won that battle. As I once said, all you need, among the millions and millions of people in the US (bodies in rest and in motion) is just 1 Islamist terrorist that would fit the bill. Just 1. That's all. Just do the math. What are the odds?

The "real news" that has been buried in all the noise over Muslim immigrants is this: Saudis have written off their investment in Hillary Clinton and have made nice with the new President. They have hired Moelis & Co, a New York investment banking firm to work out the details of their Aramco IPO (sometime next year?). Ken Moelis is a Republican who predicted a Trump presidential victory. The IPO is supposed to create the most valuable publicly traded company with a valuation of $2 trillion dollars, with every investor interested in a piece of the pie--who's who of investment banking are the first among equals: J P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, et al. It means the royal house of Saud is hiring us (United States) to be the guarantor and guardian of their crown for life. They are honoring us with golden handcuffs.

The "M" word is not for "Muslim"; it is for "money."

Speaking of numbers, in the Time Magazine (February 27-March 6, 2017), there are some interesting statistics, dividing the Americans' views of the President into 4 buckets. We already know how accurate these polls are. However, I found it interesting:

- 22% Believers: strongly support him
- 22% Conditionals: support him, but he must deliver what they want
- 21% Curious: against him, but could reconsider if he does a good job
- 35% Resisters: strongly against him

I fall into the curious bucket.

JE comments:  The "basket" has been discredited, so bring on the bucket!  (Google the classic Monty Python sketch about "bring me the bucket."  Truly vile.)

A. J. Cave is one of the most insightful WAISers, which is saying a lot, because we are an insightful bunch.  It would be in Trump's best interest not to follow up with another travel ban.  Then he'd have full "told you so" rights if/when something bad happens.

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