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Post Is the New Right the New Mainstream?
Created by John Eipper on 02/01/17 2:15 PM

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Is the New Right the New Mainstream? (Nigel Jones, UK, 02/01/17 2:15 pm)

What Liberals and Leftists such as Carmen Negrín (February 1st)--and judging by his comment on her post about the political "mainstream," our esteemed editor also--cannot seem to get their heads around is that the "mainstream" has changed course.

As Brexit and the election of Trump demonstrated, what the British rock band Pulp once satirically called "the common people" have had enough of being betrayed by a bankrupt and corrupt political class--the former "mainstream."

When chunks of the electorate totaling 20, 30, or 40%--or in the case of Brexit, 52%--vote for people and parties once classed as "extreme," the extreme has evidently become the new mainstream. The political classes in the US and Europe have no one to blame but themselves. Perhaps if they had not sold their countries out to corporate greed and alien invasion, they would not be in this predicament.

In the words of Sir Arthur Harris, head of the RAF's Bomber Command in WWII talking about Nazi Germany: "They have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind."

Incidentally, in saying that the French Presidential elections on April 23 are the first test of the new political landscape in Europe, John Eipper is forgetting the Dutch Parliamentary elections on 15 March--ominously for the Dutch Establishment, the Ides of March. All opinion polls there show that the populist Geert Wilders' party of Freedom will emerge as the largest party. Whether Wilders will play the part of Brutus and plunge his dagger into the moribund corpse of the old mainstream remains to be seen, as the Dutch system makes it hard for a single party to form a Government. But it will nonetheless be a significant straw in the wind.

JE comments: Geert Wilders has been a WAIS leitmotif over the years, as kind of a bogeyman of intolerance.  Have the times--the new mainstream, in Nigel Jones´s view--finally caught up to him?  Alain de Benoist posted this informative comment in 2010, where we learn that Wilders pulls no punches in his opinion of Islam:  he is "extremely disgusted" by it.


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  • Replacement for World Economic Forum? A Far-Right Conference in Koblenz (John Heelan, UK 02/02/17 1:07 AM)
    Today's New York Times has an article headed "Trump Could Offer Opportunity for Autocrats," by Rod Nordland. It comments, "The bromance between President Vladimir V Putin of Russia and Mr. (sic) Trump is the most prominent of a trend that has swept the world, instilling new hope for a strongman-friendly America in countries like the Philippines, Turkey or Egypt, and among nationalists in many other places who hope to follow in Mr. Trump's footsteps and gain political power."

    Note the recent conference in Koblenz, attended by Le Pen (France), Wilders (Holland), Pretke (Germany), as reported by CNN.  (http://edition.cnn.com/2017/01/21/politics/europe-far-right-conference/ )

    Is the "mainstream" moving further to the right, and is there any truth in the rumours that the Davos World Economic Forum will be replaced by a Congress of Autocrats in Germany's "Eagle's Nest" and that the Bildergroup is investing in nuclear shelters?

    JE comments: Isn't the Davos Forum already a congress of autocrats?  Depends on what flavor of autocrat you prefer:  aloof and cerebral, or populist and rabble-rousing.

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  • Is the New Right the New Mainstream? (Carmen Negrin, France 02/02/17 6:52 AM)
    I do understand, and so do many of us, that the present vote-losing US government mainstream is about making more money for themselves and not for the people (Exxon nomination among others).  It's also about promoting hate instead of understanding (the wall, the loved although failed two-year thought ban, and the first announcement made by our new ambassador to the UN, which fully showed that she doesn't understand what the UN stands for: dialogue and not threats, not because of any gentlemanlike conduct but simply to avoid war), keeping people ignorant so they can be "bigly" manipulated (just see Ms DeVos's educational level and previous donations to "education"). It is all about considering that the rich are above the law and can impose any lie or decision (alternative facts), sometimes under pressure (General Motors), sometimes under threat (NAFTA and if the new member of the Supreme Court isn't accepted, it will be "the atomic bomb"... quoting N° 1!).

    And let's wait and see what will become of our environment (pipelines, protected park lands for sale), our women (Planned Parenthood), and the list goes on.

    I know what is up, and not just in the US. Yes, indeed, we know that as well, and so did a lot of people in the 1930s and a few in the 1920s. These "amazing" people don't like sharing nor losing; they are experts in lies and collective hypnosis, as well as manipulation of basic instincts such as fear, racism, hate.

    The UK never fully joined the European Union, now it's about to be out, to my regret and to that of a majority of its youth: farewell! US Republicans don't want Obamacare: good health! They want to be "great again"? I didn't know they were not so great (an envied 4.6 unemployment rate, and over 60 percent popularity rate after 8 years of government, did someone mention cheating?). And they want to lead the world? Well the first military intervention in Yemen was disastrous: good luck! And good awakening from this nightmare!

    To reply to Nigel Jones (1 February), the fact that they are the mainstream doesn't mean that they are "good" stream, nor that we have to follow them. And please, even if we have made mistakes, don't blame whatever comes next on us, the left-wingers!

    JE comments:  I must have missed something:  did Trump threaten to nuke legislators who oppose Gorsuch?

    To my mind, the core question is whether we're seeing a replay of the 1930s.  I can see yes and no as possible answers.  We will probably muddle through the present upheaval without full-blown dictatorship and world war.  But on the other hand, and to the credit of folks in the 1930s, the world was in economic meltdown back then.  Our grandparents were truly desperate.  We were just, well...bored?

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