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Post Ilks
Created by John Eipper on 09/04/16 2:46 PM

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Ilks (Edward Jajko, USA, 09/04/16 2:46 pm)

JE's comment of 3 September was not accurate. It was Professor Hilton's "Lorca and his ilk," but Christopher Jones's "Mitterrand and his ilk," and, ah, my "Bin Laden and..."

As a non-Hispanist, I can't help but wonder why people don't follow the rules of Spanish surnames when referring to Lorca.

JE comments: I can answer these. Regarding "ilks," I did a WAISworld search but did not read the actual posts as carefully as I should have. Mea culpa.

"Eipper and his ilk" might someday refer to sloppy Internet researchers...

Regarding Spanish surnames, it's not unusual for famous people to be known by their maternal surname when their paternal one is common. Hence, (Federico García) Lorca, (Benito Pérez) Galdós, and, of course, (Pablo Ruiz) Picasso.

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  • Lorca's Assassination (Enrique Torner, USA 09/05/16 1:11 PM)
    Another amazing example of synchronicity: as I Googled Lorca's assassination, I found out that EuroWeekly had, on a recent cover page, an article on just that subject:


    How about that? I also found two articles on the same topic published in April 2015:



    According to these two articles in The Guardian (and others), in April of 2015, some documents appeared to confirm what we all thought we knew, that his murder was an official execution by Franco's people.

    JE comments:  August 18th was the 80th anniversary of Lorca's murder.  We let the date go by unnoticed on WAIS...I think.  Let us recall John Heelan's serendipitous reference to Lorca just a fortnight later.  Still more WAISchronicity?

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    • Lorca's Assassination (John Heelan, UK 09/07/16 3:45 AM)
      I have spent a lot of time researching the assassination of Federico Corazón de Jesús García Lorca over the years in Granada and Fuente Grande (Viznar). The more reliable sources I have found have been works by his biographer Ian Gibson; the interviews published in Eduardo Molina Fajardo's Los últimos días de García Lorca based on his contemporaneous notes of interviews with those involved; the biography of Ruiz Alonso, the man who arrested Lorca (published by his daughters); biographies of the Falangist Rosales family with whom Lorca hid and who tried to get him released; and the more recent Las trece últimas horas en la vida de García Lorca by Miguel Caballero Pérez

      In my opinion, Lorca was assassinated because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had returned to Granada from Madrid (against advice) to celebrate his saint's day with his father (also Federico). The reasons why he was killed: in a recent newspaper article he had called granadinos the "worst bourgeoisie in Spain"; he had the wrong political friends locally and in Madrid (e.g. Fernando de los Ríos and Azaña); he was part of Granada's homosexual clique, several of whom met a similar fate; one of his assassins belonged to a family that had a long-running business feud with his father; he was a Freemason with the name "Homero"; his main accuser and the person who organised his arrest, Ruiz Alonso, was jealous of him.

      There is an opinion among lorquistas that within Franco's documents there is a file covering Lorca's assassination. The file has never been released and as we know, his body has never been discovered.

      JE comments:  If Lorca had only remained in Madrid.  Think of how Spain's literature would have benefited.  But on the other hand, it was Lorca's tragic end that led John Heelan to Ronald Hilton and WAIS!

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      • Greetings from Granada (Nigel Jones, UK 09/07/16 5:10 AM)
        By spooky coincidence I read John Heelan's post (7 December) sitting in a cafe in a baking Granada and about to visit the Centro Federico García Lorca. I first visited the scenes of Lorca's murder in the 1980s when people were still too scared to talk about him. Now he is a major Granada tourist attraction. Greetings to all WAISers from Andalucía.

        JE comments: 'Tis the season of WAISchronicity. Someone in our ranks should play the lottery. How about these numbers--36995? That is the count of published posts as of now.

        Greetings to Nigel Jones in my old stompin' grounds of Granada, where I spent the fall semester of 1985. Haven't been back since. Nigel: are you in the Café Suizo by any chance? I spent many an hour there, absorbed in deep, late-adolescent reflection.

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