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Post Post-Brexit EU
Created by John Eipper on 06/26/16 5:53 AM

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Post-Brexit EU (John Heelan, UK, 06/26/16 5:53 am)

Luciano Dondero (25 June) raises some interesting speculations about the shape of a post-Brexit EU.

Already there is a proposed meeting between the leaders of Germany, Italy, France and the EU President (well one of the three). Some will recall that the last time such a thing happened (pre-EU and pre-Vichy France), the Axis was formed. However, in his thoughts, Luciano appears to have missed out the necessary rescue of the economically failing eurozone. For some years the US has been arguing to bring its Middle East vanguard, Israel, under the umbrella of NATO. To do so with Egypt and Turkey would strengthen the United States' geopolitical position in the Middle East. Maybe the cost of rescuing the eurozone could be the clinching argument for the expansion of NATO and the signing of TTIP.

JE comments: John Heelan turns our attention to NATO, and I hope we can continue on this topic.  Before June 23rd, the status quo was more or less the idea that NATO was the same thing as the EU with the addition of the US (and Canada--and, well, Turkey). Now the balance has changed, but how?

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  • Post-Brexit EU; Thoughts on the Axis (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy 06/27/16 6:18 AM)
    I believe that John Heelan, 26 June, may have some good ideas to further strengthen the geopolitical position of the Empire by enlarging NATO to include Israel and Egypt (unfortunately Turkey is already in) plus signing the TTIP.

    But that would be the strengthening only of the Empire of the big corporations and banksters with the complete enslavement of the European peoples with a speedy marching, head on, toward wars including WWIII.

    Probably John when speaking about Turkey means the entrance of Erdogan's nation into the EU. This will mean the end of what remains of the European Greco-Roman-Christian civilization.

    Furthermore, regarding the meeting of the leaders of Germany, Italy and France, I do not understand John's comment, "some will recall that the last time such a thing happened (pre-EU and pre-Vichy France) the Axis was formed."

    Frankly I do not know of such a meeting, Mussolini met Laval in Rome in January 1935 but then France on 4 June 1936 had an antifascist government with Leon Blum. Italy signed the Axis in October 1936 (many understand this as a reaction to the hostile policy of Blum and the "misunderstandings" with British FM Anthony Eden). When presenting the accord Mussolini said: "The vertical Berlin-Roma is... an Axis around which all European States, animated by the will of cooperation and peace, can collaborate." The poor deluded guy was still hoping for the "Spirit of Stresa," April 1935, involving Italy, France and the UK.

    Finally, beside the fact that NATO is obsolete as it was theoretically conceived as a defensive pact of democracies against the adventurism of USSR Imperialism, Egypt and Israel do not seem to be genuine democratic states.  Well, maybe Israel (leader Netanyahu) can be considered a democracy Apartheid-style, just something worse than the one envisaged by Pieter Willem Botha.

    JE comments:  The word "Axis" was a Mussolini invention.  Of course, in the Allied world it quickly took on the meaning of a cabal of nefarious states, which is largely the meaning it has today (Axis of Evil).

    But don't forget Jimi Hendrix's "Axis:  Bold as Love."

    To my mind, enlarging NATO to include Israel and Egypt would only complicate matters.  How reliable an ally to the "Empire" is Egypt, in any case?

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    • Post-Brexit: NATO, Israel, Egypt, and...Iceland (John Heelan, UK 06/28/16 6:06 AM)
      For Eugenio Battaglia's clarification (27 June), could I just repeat my earlier comment on June 25 that "For some years the US has been arguing to bring its Middle East vanguard, Israel, under the umbrella of NATO. To do so with Egypt and Turkey would strengthen the US' geopolitical position in the Middle East." Further, having Turkey join the EU would allow NATO to place its missiles and Early Warning System radars on Turkish soil. (Of course, as with the UK during the Cold War, it would make Turkey a candidate for first-strike attacks in a nuclear interchange.)

      So I was suggesting my interpretation of a probable US geopolitical defence strategy, not recommending it.

      JE reminded us of the Cod Wars between UK and Iceland, and of the "rematch" that was held on the soccer field yesterday. There has been a petition lodged on a parliamentary website to rerun the Brexit referendum signed by apparently some 3 million people. There is another one asking that should England lose to Iceland, that the match be replayed. As there are some 13 million soccer fans in the UK, the second initiative might have a better chance of success of being launched without challenging the concept of democracy--only the rules of international soccer competitions.

      JE comments: John Heelan sent this comment before yesterday's match, which handed England its second "Brexit" in less than a week. Who could have imagined tiny Iceland defeating the land that invented football?

      I'd also like to congratulate Chile for its win over Argentina in the Copa América.

      For sports and politics, this is the year in which odds and common sense go out the window.  So who will win the World Series this year?  The Chicago Cubs, of course.

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      • Iceland Defeats England (John Heelan, UK 06/28/16 10:49 AM)
        Iceland fully deserved to beat England yesterday. The England team was lacklustre and appeared unable to outflank the Icelandic defence. The England national coach resigned after the game--soccer management is even more cruel that politics.

        JE comments: In these United States, humiliated coaches (and politicians) always wait to be fired (or recalled/impeached).  I admire the British way of falling on your sword.  It's old-school, honorable, and honest.

        Regarding Iceland's victory, I'm trying to think of a Viking quip, but the creative juices aren't flowing.  Any suggestions from WAISworld?

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