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Pike-WAIS Dictionary of Idioms (Pweedy)

Below you'll find a list of idioms/expressions in multiple languages along with synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, etc. You can search, select by category or sort by any column.

WAIS Members can also  edit and submit new entries. 

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Idiom Language Category
Es ist mir egal German Indifference
Es ist wie in en Wind sprechen German Exasperation
Es ist zum Haareraufen German Exasperation
Es ist zum Mäusemelken German Exasperation
Es para darse la cabeza contra la pared Spanish Exasperation
Es para subirse por las paredes Spanish Exasperation
Es para tirarse los pelos Spanish Exasperation
Es pedir peras al olmo Spanish Exasperation
Es siempre con la misma cantilena Spanish Contempt
Es todo fachada Spanish Deception
Es war eine Mordsarbeit, ihn zu finden German Difficulty
Escapar em dois tempos Portuguese Fear
Esfolar alguém vivo Portuguese Deception
Eso es harina de otro costal Spanish Contradiction
Eso es otro cantar Spanish Contradiction
Espara subirse por las paredes Spanish Exasperation
Essa é maçante Portuguese Fatigue
Esse vestido não me veste bem Portuguese Dislike/Hate
Essere Italian Embarrassment
Essere a corto Italian Embarrassment
Essere a secco Italian Embarrassment
Essere a terra Italian Dejection
Essere al oscuro di qualcosa Italian Bewilderment
Essere al settimo cielo Italian Joy & Delight
Essere alle strette Italian Embarrassment