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  Posts on Jul 28, 2014
Correction: Teaching in Saudi Arabia (John Heelan, UK, 07/28/14 12:12 pm) JE commented on 27 July: "I don't think John Heelan ever mentioned his wife's experiences as an educator in the KSA." She was never in the Kingdom. Her experience came from te ... more

Palestinian vs Israeli Demographics (John Heelan, UK, 07/28/14 1:00 am) JE resurrects a familiar anti-immigrant argument when he commented, "given the demographics involved, wouldn't a 'one state, two nations' solution [in Israel] eventually become a one- ... more

  Posts on Jul 27, 2014
Social and Political Involvement of Baha`i (Vincent Littrell, USA, 07/27/14 11:16 pm) I wish to thank Mike Bonnie (27 July) for providing the link to the Baha'i-Inspired Charitable Agencies and Social & Economic Development Organizations. I had been unaware of that website and ... more

Germany`s Finances (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 07/27/14 10:49 pm) August 8th will mark 61 years since the London Debt Agreement was reached. This agreement covered a number of different types of German debts from before and after WWII. The reduction of the deb ... more

Marga Jann`s "Saudi Chronicles" (John Heelan, UK, 07/27/14 11:02 am) Marga Jann's excellent monograph on her stint in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia brought back many memories of when I was working on high-tech stuff in the Kingdom some 30 years ago in both Jeddah and ... more

Marga Jann`s "Saudi Chronicles" (Miles Seeley, USA, 07/27/14 10:48 am) I would expect Marga Jann's work to be top-drawer, and it certainly is. It reveals a good deal of Saudi life not known in the West. Once, when I was touring Saudi hospitals (at their reques ... more

Marga Jann`s "Architectural Academic Tourism: The Saudi Chronicles" now Available on WAIS (John Eipper, USA, 07/27/14 1:10 am) Our dear friend and colleague Marga Jann has written an extraordinary monograph about her 2013-'14 residence in Saudi Arabia, where she taught architecture in that nation's leading women's ... more

  Posts on Jul 26, 2014
Politics and the Baha`i (Mike Bonnie, USA, 07/26/14 11:24 pm) In response to Vincent Littrell (25 July), the Baha'i' Faith inherently holds political influence world-wide and locally as a non-profit organization. The government renews the tax-exempt stat ... more

Platform of "Nos, Cidadaos," and a Call for Advice (Mendo Henriques, Portugal, 07/26/14 10:46 pm) Better than keeping WAISdom in the loop as our new political party ("Nós, Cidadãos") takes shape, as John Eipper suggested on 26 July, I hope to get the advice of WAISers on ma ... more

Solutions to the Gaza Crisis (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 07/26/14 10:25 pm) Luciano Dondero is always very kind and perceptive. His question of July 26th is very good. But I had used the verb "to believe" and not "to be sure"; therefore I cannot prov ... more

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