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  Posts on Dec 18, 2014
Obama`s Cuba Initiative and US Investment (Randy Black, USA, 12/18/14 7:46 pm) Regarding the opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba by the US president, John Eipper said on 18 December, "Expect a flood of US investment and tourism." I believe that we had a similar d ... more

Obama`s Cuba Initiative (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA, 12/18/14 7:21 pm) John E stated that with Pres. Obama's new Cuba initiative, "those most at risk are the Castro brothers" (18 December). I am appalled at the naïveté almost bordering on gros ... more

Obama`s Cuba Initiative (Timothy Brown, USA, 12/18/14 5:06 am) Having been Deputy Coordinator for Cuba Affairs for two years at State (1981-'83), I can't wait for our discussion of Obama's new Cuba initiative, not least because Chapters 43-46 in my bo ... more

Is War *Always* Barbaric? (Robert Whealey, USA, 12/18/14 4:54 am) In order to measure war crimes, barbaric acts of torture, etc., many PhDs in history have studied archives and statistics in more depth than either JE or Cameron Sawyer. Bismarck committed few atrocit ... more

Is War *Always* Barbaric? Yes (David Krieger, USA, 12/18/14 4:40 am) I agree with John E (17 December) that war by its nature is barbaric. It is barbaric for any country to take its young people and train them to kill and die for the state. It is then barbaric to kil ... more

Were CIA`s "Enhanced Interrogation" Techniques Learned from China? (Paul Levine, Denmark, 12/18/14 4:18 am) This essay below argues that not only was the CIA torture program immoral and inefficient, but it was based on the wrong premise. Max Fisher writes, "There's something crucial we should ... more

  Posts on Dec 17, 2014
Nazca Lines (Enrique Torner, USA, 12/17/14 8:44 pm) It's a real shame that the Nazca lines have been permanently damaged by Greenpeace. I find this absolutely outrageous! For a war to damage archeological sites is bad, but still understandable; but ... more

Is War *Always* Barbaric? (Cameron Sawyer, Russia, 12/17/14 7:37 am) When commenting Tim Brown's post of 17 December, John E wrote: "We could exchange these atrocity narratives ad infinitum, and to me the moral is clear: war is barbarism, regardless of ... more

Is the World Divided into Two Groups of People? (Mike Bonnie, USA, 12/17/14 7:32 am) Tor Guimaraes's post of 16 December brought a quote to mind: "There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don& ... more

Murdered Babies in North and South Vietnam (Timothy Brown, USA, 12/17/14 6:52 am) I'm curious whether those that were sickened by the deaths of babies in North Vietnam caused by our bombing of that country are aware, and equally repulsed by the killing of babies by the ot ... more

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