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  Posts on Oct 30, 2014
Greetings from Siegfried Ramler (Siegfried Ramler, USA, 10/30/14 5:59 pm) Dear WAISers: Thank you for your 90th birthday wishes. Let us celebrate with a nice round number--a milestone with 9 decades. I was in London just two weeks ago, invited for an interview with B ... more

Siegfried Ramler at 90 (Bienvenido Macario, USA, 10/30/14 2:11 pm) A very happy 90th birthday to Siegfried Ramler, one of the pillars of WAIS. Since meeting Siegfried at the 2001 WAIS conference, I always remember him and the Nuremberg trials every time I watch or re ... more

Insanity Defense; John Hinckley Today (Massoud Malek, USA, 10/30/14 1:45 pm) "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" is a dark comedy short story written by Edgar Allan Poe. At the time he wrote the story of patients who thought themselves as a teapot, donke ... more

Living Wage (Henry Levin, USA, 10/30/14 9:08 am) Come on John. The $8.60 for a gallon of gasoline in Denmark is not due to a living wage, but to taxes (which are probably justifiable given the external costs of fossil fuel and driving). I am refer ... more

Fast-Food Workers and Living Wage (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 10/30/14 7:22 am) My gratitude to Paul Levine (29 October) for bringing to our attention the American exceptionalism of paying unlivable low wages for low-level jobs. The disparity in pay between American and Danish w ... more

Salute Incident in Catalonian Parliament (Jordi Molins, Spain, 10/30/14 6:32 am) I am honored to have met Siegfried Ramler in person. His first-hand descriptions of the Nuremberg trials are invaluable for many of us. Happy birthday to you, Siegfried! In relation to Siegfrie ... more

Siegfried Ramler at 90 (Mike Bonnie, USA, 10/30/14 5:12 am) Siegfried: it's great honor to know you through WAIS, our gatherings and our correspondence on the Forum. Your book, Nuremberg and Beyond, is a treasure in my collection. I've ... more

Siegfried Ramler at 90 (Robert Gibbs, USA, 10/30/14 4:55 am) Of all the people I have had the honor and pleasure to meet at our conferences, Siegfried Ramler will, like Professor Hilton, remain one of the most memorable--a man of breadth, sincerity, and humilit ... more

Siegfried Ramler at 90 (Istvan Simon, USA, 10/30/14 4:23 am) I would like to congratulate Siegfried Ramler on the occasion of his 90th birthday. It has been a privilege for me to know him personally. I have been a friend and admirer ever since we first met at ... more

Siegfried Ramler at 90 (John Heelan, UK, 10/30/14 3:55 am) Siegfried Ramler is one of the giants of WAIS. We should be proud (and humble) to share membership of this group of worldwide scholars. There is little that can said better than the article &q ... more

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