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  Posts on Sep 19, 2014
Who`s the Most Relieved Woman in Britain? (David Duggan, USA, 09/19/14 4:42 pm) This morning, John E wondered about Britain's most relieved woman in the wake of Scotland's decision to remain in the UK. How about Susan Boyle? She won't be relegated to her country chur ... more

Alibaba IPO; from Ric Mauricio (John Eipper, USA, 09/19/14 4:11 pm) JE: I asked China-follower and finance guy Ric Mauricio for his thoughts on the Alibaba initial public offering (IPO). Ric kindly sent this reply: In response to John's query to m ... more

Ukraine, Russia, and Self-Determination (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 09/19/14 8:51 am) I am very sorry to have upset Roman Zhovtulya with my comments on Ukraine and Russia (18 September). I hope that nobody will doubt my sympathy for the independence and freedom of Ukraine. Even ... more

Referenda in Scotland and Catalonia (Jordi Molins, Spain, 09/19/14 6:05 am) As I forecasted a few hours after the first poll appeared giving a slight advantage to "yes," Scotland has decided to remain within the UK. Congratulations to the Scottish people, and to all ... more

Who`s the Most Relieved Man in Britain? (John Heelan, UK, 09/19/14 2:09 am) Earlier this morning, JE wrote that Mr. Cameron must be the most relieved man in Britain. Ed Miliband--the Leader of the Labour Party--will also be relieved. He will not be faced with the loss ... more

Hashemites, Arabism, Oil (A. J. Cave, USA, 09/19/14 1:54 am) This is a reply to Ed Jajko (18 September). In the context of what I originally wrote (17 September), my reference was to the male members of Hashemite Ruling Dynasty in Iraq. I should have been more ... more

Hashemites and King Hussein (Miles Seeley, USA, 09/19/14 1:39 am) I lived in Jordan before, during, and after the Six-Day War, when Hussein was King. I'll add a few things to Ed Jajko's (18 September) and A. J. Cave's (17 September) excellent posts.

Scottish Voters Reject Independence, Will Remain in UK (John Heelan, UK, 09/19/14 1:23 am) With the results in from all 32 council areas in Scotland, the "No" side polled 2,001,926 votes to 1,617,989 for "Yes": ... more

  Posts on Sep 18, 2014
Personal Update; Walking the Camino de Santiago (Leonor Anthony Cohen, USA, 09/18/14 4:00 pm) I have been meaning to check in with WAIS, but I am now in an all-time war with time. It appears 24 hours are not enough, but I am doing what I can to keep up. No complaints here; my career could not ... more

T. E. Lawrence; Great War Ancestors (Edward Jajko, , 09/18/14 3:28 pm) I'm not exactly sure what Mike Bonnie and John E (15 September) are asking me to comment on. My late father, along with his two immediately older brothers, did serve in the Galician forces of the ... more

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